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Sydney Sash Window Factory are committed to offering high quality traditional solid timber joinery techniques and methodology, at reasonable rates. All joinery is made in-house in Caringbah, NSW

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Bespoke products made to your specifications

Send through an image or drawing of what you would like and it will be custom made for you !

Replica joinery

The backbone of the business is replicating badly damaged or rotted out sash window joinery. Using traditional techniques to create high quality replacement, indistinguishable from the original.

Repairs to existing heritage joinery

Bring in an old window or door that's worth saving and a wide variety of appropriate repairs can be carried out to salvage the piece.

Supplying to builders sash window repairers

Often a homeowner wishes to effect their own repairs, or a builder, painter or window specialist finds a window beyond onsite repair and requires a replacement in a flash...

Full onsite check measure, supply and install

If you need a turn key operation, with only a brief job outline, I can site visit, measure, manufacture and install your product

All sash window repairs (Timber only)

The complete range of sash window repairs and upgrades are available, sash cord replacement, onsite glazing repair or upgrades, draught seal service, rotted window fills or other sectioned replaced.


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